Tickling your fancy!

-Happiness is the gladness of the heart.

-Self-approval is a negative state of mind.It's more dangerous than defeat!

-It is the simplest minds that see the simplest things and realize the greatest things.

-What a man obtains in life is mere acquisition but what he becomes is undying growth.

-Happiness consists not of having but of being,not of possessing but of enjoying!

-Unhappiness is the hunger to get,happiness is the hunger to give!

-Failure is God's educator.

-Life is not what comes to us but what we get from it...It is not the circumstances that face us but how we react to them that is important.

-Only the disciplined are free!

-It is the people who believe in you that influence you.

-To be trusted is to be saved!

-The wise understand the dumb language of defeat!

-Your adversity is your advantage.

-A feast usually precedes a famine!

-Kindness is more powerful than compulsion!

-The world is not a playground but a schoolroom…Life is not a holyday but an education.

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