You got a problem?That's good!Why?Because the more victories you accomplish over your problems the higher you rise towards success.You must welcome problems with a cool,clear and positive mind.You will then be able to solve them and raise your self-esteem and self-respect.And,each victory will help you increase your wisdom,character and experience.You will become a stronger and a better person every time you face a problem and vanquish it.

They are two types of people.The first says, '' I have a problem.That's awful!''Such people are usually reactive,pessimistic,withdrawn,cynical and negative.They give up whatever they're doing and allow their problems to overwhelm and overcome them.Failure is often their bitter reward.The second declares, '' I have a problem.That's good.'' Such people are proactive,realistic,optimistic,open-minded and positive.They know that their adversity is their advantage and move on in spite of problems.They turn defeats into victories and achieve success.

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