Human interaction.

Start your day by facing the arrogant, deceitful, envious and jealous with tact and understanding. You know they are ignorant of what is good and what is evil. You know this because you are learned, intelligent and wise. You know why some people are evil and you can therefore never be hurt by their negative attitude. No one can lead you towards the evil, the ugly and the unjust without your permission. No one can hurt your self-esteem or self-respect without your permission.

In all circumstances, resolve never to adopt the attitude of anger, resentment or hate towards anyone. Humans must cooperate with each other. That is the Universal truth. Acting against each other is contrary to humanity, nature and God. The simple act of being irritated, angry, insulting or hateful is already acting against your fellow human being...and therefore against God.

Never let external events influence you.Never be tossed hither and thither like a dead leaf.

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